“Nikitas finds beauty and pathos in the smallest of gestures, the largest of actions, the darkest of paths.”

–Megan Abbott, author of Dare Me and The Fever

EXTRA LIFE (October 2015)

“With EXTRA LIFE, Derek Nikitas gives us a weird-science thriller packed with inventive twists, dynamic action and characters we both care about and genuinely fear. Deeply satisfying.”
–Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Rot & Ruin

“By turns clever, surreal, and poignant, Derek Nikitas has achieved a rare thing with EXTRA LIFE – a high concept thriller with both smarts and heart. An inventive, memorable young adult debut.”
—Gwenda Bond, author of Lois Lane: Fallout and Girl on a Wire


“Here is a book to scorch the heart and freeze the blood. Here is a story that leaves the reader gasping in shock and sadness, dry-mouthed and damp-eyed, dragging in air as the final chapters detonate…. Here is a major talent.” –The Washington Post, naming The Long Division one of its Best Books of 2009

Derek Nikitas’s second novel, The Long Division, exceeds even the grandest of expectations. As he deftly weaves together three perilous storylines, we feel ourselves simultaneously moved, horrified and brokenhearted as the novel spirals towards its breathtaking conclusion.
–Megan Abbott, author of Dare Me and The Fever

PYRES (2012)

Pyres deserves to be discovered by as many people as possible.” –Chicago Tribune

“Nikitas’s stellar first novel isn’t just one of the best genre debuts of the year, it’s one of the best releases—period.” –San Francisco Chronicle

“Pushed to their breaking points, Nikitas’ characters are brutally compelling, his narrative voice riveting…. [H]is storytelling seems powered by a steam-engine, an unstoppable force.

–Julianna Baggott, author of the Pure trilogy and Harriet Wolf’s Seventh Book of Wonders

In the backdrop, the cabin was engulfed in surging red flaming spears. It flung embers and burning debris, and it collapsed on itself like a funeral pyre, like the ghost of Baldr’s longship sent to sea and consumed in its last burial light. Ahead, the snowstorm still raged, and the deeper woods were poised for Luc to get lost inside. There was a buck standing not far off, and he raised his antlered head when she approached. He watched her for a moment, curious and fearless, then he reared sideward and bounded off into the dark.